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Handbook for WRC
A Flagship initiative project in BSR
European Rural Parliament, Gender Equality in Rural Development for Economic Growthndard

Handbook for Women´s Resource Centres

Empowerment, the individual’s own power, belief in knowledge and power to influence their own situation in society, are the main characteristics of the activities in Resource Centres for Women. The Handbook is designed to provide knowledge about what is needed to start and run and develop local and/or regional Resource Centres for Women. Email us at info@winnetsverige.se to get your copy! 

Views on the Handbook, suggestions and additions can be sent to info@winnetsverige.se 

Information about the WRC´s Handbook pdf (306 kB)

Introduction pdf (462 kB)

2. A gender (un)equal labour market and growth: why and how Women’s Resource Centres can contribute to change the status quo pdf (513 kB)

Women’s Resource Centres, the historical background and their role and mission today pdf (711 kB)

4. T
he work of a Women’s Resource Centres pdf (584 kB)

Starting up, organising and guaranteeing sustainability in a Women’s Resource Centres pdf (478 kB)

Working in project form pdf (472 kB)

7. Working methods and tools for use in a WRC pdf  (574 kB)

Handbook for Women’s Resource Centres, chapter 1 - 7
zip (2,5 MB) 

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